Iceland Bike Race

Iceland Bike  Race is an international mountain bike sporting event for amateur cyclists where the mountains, glaciers, lakes and landscapes of the country are revealed through its various terrains, high mountains, spectacular views on a magic land environment, an experience to live on a bicycle.

Iceland Bike Race has designed in its first edition a five-stage route with different routes and stages. The stages are designed for all cyclists can take the course with a medium technical level where the route is practically cyclable in 95% and both the distance and the slope require an acceptable level of physical preparation to enjoy it.

The purpose of this first edition is none other than to offers to the rider the opportunity to pedal in an environment unparalleled with landscapes more typical of the planet a million years ago, show the area and offer the participant the option of being able to compete A test of stages of mountain biking in an environment and incomparable frames accompanied by cyclists of all levels and nationalities

Iceland Bike Race was born from the idea and passion of its creators to offer participants the experience of experiencing the world of testing  stages in a unique environment, where the competition is experienced in a totally different way when meeting with colleagues during all weekend, apart from the ease of being able to be with participants of different levels and nationalities at the same time to know one of the places with more charm and diversity of landscape of the world.