Iceland Bike Race is a mountain bike cycling event celebrated during the last week of august 2019, five stages from 26 to 30.

This regulation is adopted in a general manner without prejudice to what it may contain in a specific way, regarding the conditions of circulation and other measures of control and monitoring of the cycling event, the administrative authorization issued by the official bodies and the indications and recommendations Which the authorities of the Icelandic government and the Head of Road Safety consider appropriate the day of its celebration.



  1. XALENX (hereinafter “the Organizer”) organizes the ICELAND BIKE RACE.
  2. The date of celebration will be the last week of August 2019 from 26 to 30.
  3. The point of departure and arrival will be located in the west fiords area and south center: Route available one month before the race.
  4. The Organizer proposes 5 stages with a total distance of 450 kms:
  5. E. The contact details of the Organizer are as follows:

Phone: (+34) 685544916

Icelandic phone:



The race will be conducted following the format individual or COUPLE and the use of GPS is mandatory and following the directions of it.

“Mountain bike Cycling race in a one start launch”.

The organizer reserves the possibility of signaling roads and conflicting points to reinforce the work of the authorities and volunteers of the organization.

D- Race with joint star: The start for all participants will be done together and in order of drawer according to dorsal in the first stage and classification from the second stages and the following.

At the arrival of each day will be served food with pasta or rice party, fruit and drink (included in the registration for the participants).

The time control of the entire route will be with chip, with a control carpet step in the departure-arrival area and other intermediates points in the route.


Iceland Bike Race is a sporting mountain bike test of those regulated in the Cycling Regulations for all of the International Cycling Union (UCI),  within the framework of a cycling specialty that conceives of this sport as a physical exercise with a sporting purpose, leisure and tourism or cultural.

  1. The race has in open traffic, which forces participants to comply with the Road Safety Law and the current General Circulation Regulations. The Organizer will ensure optimum circulation of cyclists at the critical points of the route where, due to the coincidence with other road users, it is necessary to reinforce existing road safety measures.


  1. Entries will only be made via the portal that allows the payment by card. The basic price of the inscriptions will be:

1.-REGISTRATION A: Rights to participate in the race + welcome pack + dinner of the previous day




  1. Once the 70 riders registrations, or expired the registration period, new registrations will not be accepted by the Organizer.
  2. The registration entitles the rider to participate in the race, as well as the identification number and/or plate, gifts and the use of the services offered by the Organizer to the participant, all meals from the night before the first stage to The final stage of the final stage dinner, supplies, physiotherapy services and mechanical services, the materials and / or parts used for bicycle repair will be priced according to the public sale price in the country.
  3. The Organizer entrusts the control of the timing participant to the company of electronic timing chip system.

Article 5: LICENSES

  1. To participate in the race it is compulsory to be federated with a valid cycling license during the current year (2019) and internationally issued by any federation of cycling affiliated with the UCI.
  2. In case of not having federative license, the Organization will sign a temporary (insurance) license valid exclusively for the participation in the test and with a price of 150€ for such of the race, to be added to the price of the registration.


  1. A. Entries are considered final once paid. There is no possibility of returning the registration in case you can not participate in the test for whatever reason. In this case, the Organizer will deliver the commemorative gift in the place and dates indicated. In case of change of date of celebration, the inscriptions will be valid if the test is celebrated in the same year, they will not be saved for the following season.
  2. Entries are personal and non-transferable and can not be used by a person other than the registered one. It is not possible to substitute one participant for another. In case of detecting this fact, the Organizer reserves the right to penalize both participants, thus canceling the validity of the insurance and excluding both of all prizes, gifts and other benefits expected, as well as participation in the event.


  1. In the route will be placed several control points with maximum time of passage:
  2. The closing time of the arrival zone will be 75% higher than the time of the first classified, this being assessed according to the weather conditions of the day.
  3. If a participant who has exceeded the time of passage wants to continue the itinerary of the test, he will do so at his complete responsibility and risk, since the Organizer will consider him out of the test and will not be able to provide services such as equipment, mechanical and health assistance And therefore exempts the Organizer from any claim related to this issue.


  1. There will be refreshments approximately every 20-30 kms depending on the terrain of the stage.
  2. In order to equip themselves, the participants must stop and pass through the zones enabled for this purpose. The Organizer is expressly forbidden to offer food and drink outside these areas to cyclists moving on the bike in order to keep the area clean as they are before our pass.
  3. The participants must deposit the waste and/or garbage in the zones enabled. Trash out of these areas will be penalized with disqualification and economic penalty of € 100.
  4. The Organizer will not provide supplies to cyclists who are not identified as participants in the event.
  5. At the entrance of the start line of each stage there will be a rigorous control of the material that is carried on and on the arrival will be done to make said control in order to conserve the environment in the same conditions of cleaning that we are.


  1. A. The Organization will recommend accommodation in previously arranged hotels.
  2. Before the race, washbasins will be properly marked.
  3. At the end of the stage, there will be washbasins and final supplies with “food and drinks”.
  4. The trophies and prizes will be awarded 2 hours after the first participant finishes in the finishing zone.


  1. A. There will be vehicles and official protection personnel such as vehicles from the organization, press and the Local Police.
  2. These bodies may be supported by Civil Protection personnel and forestry police.
  3. Other suitably identified Organizer vehicles, motorcycles, ambulances, broomstick, assistance, etc. will also be present.
  4. The Organizer will also install indicative signs, arrows and volunteer personnel truly identified in the places it deems convenient and / or possible. They are understood to be merely informational aid and not a mandatory condition.

and. All the participants of the race, due to the fact of being in possession of their corresponding federative license or day license, are covered with both medical assistance and civil liability. For day leave users, the health care policy guarantees the accident coverage and the civil liability policy through the coverage of civil liability that covers it.

  1. The auxiliary staff of the Organization is at the same time an auxiliary of the police device, being able to make decisions that affect the road safety, the non-compliance with the present regulation and in the Law of Road Safety as well as in the annex number II of the current General Regulation of Circulation .


  1. A. The use of the approved protective helmet is compulsory for all participants.
  2. The cyclist must carry the identification number and/or nameplate in a very visible way, frontal part of bike, ‘without manipulating its shape or covering anything of the same number, no personal publicity available on nameplate.
  3. The traffic rules and the Road Safety Law and the General Circulation Regulations in force must be respected and complied with. The participant acknowledges that he / she is informed that roads and / or roads may have deficiencies, narrow areas and dangerous curves, for which the Organizer requests extreme caution and the participant exempts the Organizer from any incident or accident resulting from his participation in . It is known that in the race the roads are in open transit.
  4. It is also necessary to take care of the route and its environment and do not litter or litter outside the places enabled for this purpose, which will mean economic and time sanction in the classification. It could be also the possibility of being out of the race.
  5. I. Participants must go through all controls including the start and finish line.
  6. You must contact and communicate with the Organizer in case of abandonment or accident in the telephone numbers indicated on the number.
  7. There can be no towing or assistance by vehicles outside the Organizer or by another participant except in extreme cases in which it is nacreous due to cases of major force.
  8. The cyclist must accept the document “Declaration of the Cyclist” which informs of the risks involved in the participation and which exempts the Organizer from liability in case of any incident or accident resulting from participation in the event. In the case of registrations made electronically, this document is visible at the time of registration and must be accepted in order to successfully complete the process. If it is not accepted at this moment, it must be signed at the time of picking up the number before departure.
  9. The participant, when registering in the race, accepts all the points of the present regulation. Failure by the participant of any of the rules listed will automatically disqualify.
  10. Any disabled cyclist who takes part in the race with a tandem, must be permanently accompanied by a cyclist dressed in a reflective vest and this must circulate in front of the disabled.
  11. It is mandatory for the cyclist to participate with the identification symbols of the event.


The Organizer is responsible for the delivery of the following AWARDS.

– The most veteran rider

  • To the top 3 female qualifiers in general category, master 30 and master 40.

– To the top 3 men in general category, master 30 and master 40.


  1. A. The Organizer is not responsible for any type of accident of which the participant could be a victim or cause, as well as any debts that may be incurred during the event.
  2. The Organizer reserves the right to modify questions relating to the location of supplies, travel, trophies, etc. When there are reasons that justify these changes, informing all the participants of the race, either by telematic services (electronic mail, mobile messages, etc.) by means of public address or by means of signs during the journey.
  3. At any time, the Organizer reserves the right to neutralize the event and to resolve, at its discretion, any incident that may occur in the course of the event.
  4. If major force (meteorological or any other) prevents the event from being held on the day indicated, the Organizer will not return the registration amount but will deliver the Welcome Pack corresponding to the present cyclists, offering – in addition – a 25 % Discount on the next edition pack.
  5. I. The Organizer reserves the right to change (delete, add or modify articles) of this regulation by legal imposition.
  6. The Organizer reserves the right to admission to the event.

Article 15: PENALTIES

The Organizer acquires the commitment before the rest of participants to inform the authorities to the cyclists who do not respect the General Regulation of Circulation in force. All those who do not respect the conditions, may be disqualified from the test. In particular, these actions will be monitored:

  1. A. Do not respect the indications of the authorities and/or the Organizer.
  2. Do not pass through the output control or possible intermediate controls.
  3. Participate under the effect of drugs/narcotics or alcoholic beverages.
  4. Messing or degrading the itinerary or its surroundings.
  5. E. Ride with support vehicle outside the organization autorization.
  6. Behave in a way that hinders the normal development of the test and goes against the regulation of the same.
  7. Behave in a manner that could damage the image and / or integrity of the test and / or of another participant.

Article 16: IMAGE RIGHTS

Acceptance of the present regulation necessarily implies that the participant authorizes the Organizer of the race to the total or partial recording of his participation in the same, gives his consent so that his image can be used for the promotion and diffusion of the image of the race in all its forms (radio, press, video, photo, DVD, internet, posters, media, etc.) and gives all the rights related to its commercial and advertising exploitation that they deem appropriate to execute, without their right to receive compensation economic.


The Organizer guarantees full compliance with the Personal Data Protection regulations and, in accordance with Organic Law 15/1999, the participant is informed and consents to the incorporation of his data in the existing automated files by Part of the Organizer and to the treatment of the same for their use in relation to the execution of administrative, commercial and other activities of their own.

Regarding the privacy policy, the Organizer assures the participant, in all cases, the exercise of the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition, in the terms established in the current legislation, by means of a letter addressed to the Organization, being Responsible for the file with address for these purposes at the address indicated above.

The participant accepts that his data can be assigned exclusively for activities necessary for the correct execution of the management and internal administration of the Organizer. In addition, the participant agrees that the Organizer will direct them information on news, management or services that affect the race. The acceptance of the participant so that their data can be treated or assigned in the form of this paragraph, is always revocable, without retroactive effects, as provided in Articles 6 and 11 of Organic Law 15/1999 of December 13 .

The personal data of the registration, together with the numberplate, will be available to the authorities and the Police, for the purpose of control and monitoring of the test, with reference especially to the non-competitive behavior of its participants since The celebration of this type of sports activities is shared with the other users of the road.


Participants are strongly encouraged to have a medical-athletic skill test that includes a stress test. The certificate must have a maximum of one (1) year of seniority.

2.13. All registrations may be returned in full for 7 days counting from the date of entry into account in accordance with the provisions of the Retail Trade Act.


Without insurance, returns will not be accepted after this deadline.

For refunds outside this period a cancellation insurance is established with a price of € 100 per person, under this condition will be made the refund of the corresponding amount:

A.-100% of the registration fee 15 days after the date of registration, maximum at 28 February

B.-75% of the registration fee 3 weeks after the registration date,

C.-50% of the registration fee one month after the registration date, maximum up to two months before the start of the test (included).

D.-25% of the registration fee up to one month before the start of the test (included).



Transfers of registrations to other persons are allowed up to one week before the closing of registrations under the unique authorization of the Organizer. The exchange rates of ownership is 50€ per participant.

Participants with cancellation insurance have a free ownership change, and cancellation insurance is not usable after having made a change of ownership.

No refunds will be accepted for alteration in all or part of the event.

Due to climatological or other factors that prevent the development of the test in complete safety, the organization may reduce the necessary segments of the stage or the whole of it in order to develop the event on the day initially set by the good and Safety of both the participants and the test staff. The reduction of segments, reduction of the circuit, cancellation of any stage or any other alteration in the sporting event will not lead to the organizer to the partial or complete return of the inscription price, since the appropriate changes will be for the good and security Of the same.

In case of any kind of disqualification or abandonment of the competition, the registration fee will not be refunded in whole or in part.

Reykjavik, september 1 2018