The organization has proposed a route of 5 stages with distances ranging between 45 and 90 kilometers to make a total of 420 kilometers.

The test will be developed in two different areas, the first part of the tour will travel through the area of ​​”westfjords” based Patreksfjordur, one of the most spectacular and wild areas of the country, explore the spectacular fjords of the west along the Atlantic Ocean and the Arctic polar circle, crossing rivers, crossing waterfalls and contemplating the endless views from the land point closest to the United States will be part of the charm of the first part of the Iceland Bike Race.

For the second part of the test, the organization has planned a transfer to the south central area of ​​the country, travel the green and semi-desert tracks around Hekla and near Landmanalaugar, skirt volcano craters and pedal through the stages of Game of Thrones will be the attractions of the second loop.

For issues of confidentiality and environmental care, the final routes will be published before the start of the test.